Real Estate Newsletters

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Delilah was very happy when she received her pre-approval notification for a mortgage loan. In fact, her lender pre-approved her for $25,000 more than she needed to purchase her first home. Delilah is now in the process of finalizing the details with the lender before the settlement on her home. The lender has offered her a fixed rate mortgage as well as an adjustable rate mortgage.

Home Inspections

Often when a homebuyer enters into an agreement of sale for the purchase of a home, the agreement contains a provision which entitles to homebuyer to a home inspection. The homebuyer's right to a home inspection is determined by the terms of the parties' agreement of sale. Certainly, purchasing a home is a significant financial transaction. A home inspection can be crucial to the homebuyer's understanding of the condition of the home, as well as the necessity of any repairs.